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Beaucerons In Search and Rescue

The most famous Search and Rescue Beauceron is O'Cara Bleue de St Sacrement affectionately known as Cara by those who know and love her. Cara was awarded the rare Heroic Service Award by the American Kennel Club at the AKC Classic in Orlando, Florida in December, 2001.

O'Cara Bleue de St Sacrement - click for full size

On September 11, 2001, in a terrorist attack against the United States, two planes struck the World Trade Center Towers in New York City causing the two 110 story buildings to collapse. Cara and her handler Mike Forsythe were called into action along with the other members of the FEMA Florida Task Force II. They spent many days at the site, commonly known now a Ground Zero, searching the rubble of the twin towers. Cara wore a special camera around her neck and searched in places that were still unreachable by humans, looking for any sign of life.

Cara and Mike were again honored, along with many other Search and Rescue teams, in a very moving nationally televised ceremony during the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York City in February 2002.

Cara, Mike, and Mike's wife Jody are nationally certified through the National Association For Search And Rescue (NASAR). They are Canine Search Specialist for FEMA Florida Task Force II and Florida Special Response Team-A, Inc. Jody currently is training their two younger Beaucerons Radar & Raven. You can read more about Jody, Rader, and Raven on the Obedience Page.

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