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These are links to some of the many Beauceron pages I have found in my travels on the internet. A Beauceron breeder link on this page does not in any way constitute a recommendation on my part. When searching for a dog and/or breeder you should do your homework BEFORE you buy a dog!

Listings are broken down by location. Within location, links to personal pages are listed first, followed by links to breeder's or kennel pages. Sites are listed alphabetically by person's last name. Links to breeder's pages are designated by a leading bullet. All pages are in the language of the country where listed unless otherwise specified.

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Europe & Asia North & South America

Europe & Asia


Austria England Israel Norway Slovakia
Belgium Estonia Italy Poland Slovenia
Croatia Finland Lithuania Portugal Spain
Czech Republic Germany Luxembourg Romania Sweden
Denmark Hungary Netherlands Russia Switzerland   

Matcho du Relais des Ecuries BRIGNOLI Primo
Beauceron 34 CLERC Carole
Richard Del Olmo DEL OLMO Richard
ADB Forum des Amateurs de Beauceron DRUILHET Emmanuelle
Passion Beauceron GAILLETON Alain    [French & English Beauceron Message Board] - warning dangerous content
Ripley de la Cité des Grands Feux GIBOIN Laurent
Turbo de la Négresse LAISSUS Alain
Mon Berger de Beauce LOUE-TRESSE Christelle (French & English)   [very nice genealogy] - warning dangerous content
Tilden du Domaine d'Epalais PEREZ Guy Pierre
Namos des Fils d'Odin VAN BOX SOM Jacques

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New Colt Bas Rouges de Lisica WEISSENBERGER Ingrid

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Upson, Vicky & Azia du Caprice d'Eole SOUBRE Eric (French & English)

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Czech Republic
Poustni Zar DIGAOOVI Radek & Libuše
Argo z Krakonoova revru HAISOV Gabriela
Brix z Husovy tvrze RICHTEROVA Adéla
Fram z Kolackova rance SPOLEK Zdenek
Ikema z Kolackova rance SUKOVA Zuzana
Aranka Poustni Zao ZDENKA Michalova

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Celena`s Pets JEFREMENKOVA Jelena (Estonian, Russian & English)

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Salka KINNUNEN Jaana
Nasta ja Tuhina VIRTANEN Minna & Vesa

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Cold Wind of Walhalla's Degas REINIG Katrin & Frank
berger-de-beauce.net SCHMIDT Manuela (German & Dutch)

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Magyar Beauceronok HADNAGY Tünde
Drac du Dragon Noir KERNYI Krisztina

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Sites no longer available for this country.

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Sites no longer available for this country.

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Beauceron in nood KELFKENS Jeroen

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Svallisen's Kennel HAGSTROM Carita [IE5/NS6]
  • Javisst WASMUTH Anita (Norwegian, French)

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Owczarek Francuski Beauceron w Polsce

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Sorry, sites no longer available for this country.

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New Cartier l'Ami Noir SPANUROVA Sona

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Åsa's Pages ALFRED Åsa (Swedish & English)
Mina Beauceroner BLOMQVIST Jenny
Beauceronsida TIAINENS Anneli   [lots of great info, pictures & blog]
Working Beaucerons WENDEL Sanna & EKENHJALM Joakim (English)   [Videos of working Beaucerons]

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Die alternative Beauceron-Site CANDRIAN Regi (German)
Beauceron-Berger de Beauce-Bas Rouge KUNG Helene (German & French)
Hiska von der Widenau VILLIGER Karl

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North and South America
Argentina Canada United States
Sorry, sites no longer available for this country.

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United States
Roxanne du Berger Noir AUSTIN David - NC
New Jheremiah CARR Jill - CA
The Official Orage Website CURTIS Gary - CA
About Beaucerons GIANNELLI Elaine - MA [Home Page of this site]
Gulf Coast Beaucerons HARTMANN David - LA

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